Tennessen Associates Projects

Tennessen Associates’ knowledge and experience can be the key to successful planning and change in your organization. We bring unique operational perspectives from our past work in a variety of industries and positions from supervisors to senior management.
  • Payroll Company – Fortune 500
    Facility: 10,000 sf.
  • National Debt Collection Company
    Facility: 30,000 sf.
  • International Bar Code Manufacturer
    Facility: 30,000 sf.
  • National Window Manufacturer
    Facility: 80,000 sf.
  • Plastic Molding Company
    Facility: 30,000 sf.
  • Motorcycle Manufacturer
    Facility: 125,000 sf.
  • Auto Parts Manufacturer
    Facility: 115,000 sf.
  • Special Personal Care Manufacturer
    Facility: 79,000 sf.
  • Candle Manufacturer and Distributon
    Facility: 250,000 sf.
  • Public Utilities Company
    Facility: 155,000 sf.
  • Food Distribution Company
    Facility: 97,000 sf.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
    Facility: 120,000 sf.
  • Printing Company
    Facility: 37,000 sf.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses Manufacturer
    Facility: 150,000 sf.
  • Metal Finishing
    Facility: 114,000 sf.
  • Printing Company
    Facility: 46,000 sf.
  • National Transit Bus Manufacturer
    Facility: 300,000 sf.
  • Paper Manufacturer
    Facility: 146,000 sf.
  • Engine Re-manufacturer
    Facility: 40,000 sf.
  • Industrial Floor Care Manufacturer
    Facility: 90,000 sf.
Your success is our only vested interest. A higher level of performance for your company is our only vested interest. The experience and technical knowledge of our consortium members can help you find solutions for your identified concerns. From our previous studies, we know what concepts will work and which will not.